Author's Note
Killing Your Darlings

       MOROCHEY has gone through several rewrites to become the story it is today. Before the first page was ever posted online, countless pencil-and-paper outlines, comic pages, scripts, storyboards, and world-building exercises brought Pyro and Eva to life over and over again.

       In the original version of the story, Pyro and Eva were children, crystals were plentiful, and becoming a Morochey was akin to going on a Pokemon journey. I was a kid at the time, and there was a lot of Saturday morning cartoon influence. It was a fun idea, and I built this whole world around it. However, as I learned more and more about actually writing a story, I came to realize that my outline wasn't all that original. I also realized that the ending, though unique, was kind of sad for a kids' story.

       They say, in writing, that you have to "kill your darlings" sometimes. That basically means that, sometimes, you have to take the parts of the story that you love the best, and cut them out, if you're going to make it work. So how did I bring myself to change pretty much everything about the story that 12-year-old-me knew and loved?

       The story of how MROCHEY came to be continues in tomorrow's Author's Note.

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