Main Characters

Eva Chamilla Caster

The twin sister of Pyro Caster, Eva was being trained to become a Morochey during The Wars. The Wars ended, however, when she was still young... and the world changed. The old ways fell out of favor. As the Morochey Crystal Arts became more popular for entertainment, the traditional practitioners were shunned. Her teachers were forced out of practice, and her training was never completed. The experience left her bitter.. especially toward the "Morochey Championship Tournaments" that serve as a constant reminder of what became of the object of her childhood dreams.

Pyro Caster

The twin brother of Eva Chamilla Caster, Pyro, too, was to being trained alongside his sister. The more easygoing of the two, he was never too interested in the long hours and hard path of training to be a Morochey. He often insisted that their teachers change with the times, and in the end, their refusal to do so would be their un-doing. Pyro was less disappointed about not becoming a Morochey after all, but he wonders if things would be better had they all taken his advice.

Skye Bridevale

An orphan of The Wars, Skye was rescued from a ruined city by Eva and Pyro's family. She's sweet and good-hearted, but a bit naive. She would never intentionally do something bad, but her fault of acting on emotion before thought sometimes leads her to make mistakes. After the wars, she met back up with the twins and befriended them. Seeing they were down on their luck, she invited them to stay at her apartment until they got back on their feet.

Jake White Jr.

Pyro's childhood friend, and a skilled mechanic working at his father's shop. He was a geek that liked to fix things, and he always wanted to know how the Crystal Arts "Worked" after seeing Pyro show off his powers. Between his studies as a kid, and his work as an adult, he never got around to pursuing any kind of real experiments on the crystals. In spite of his curiosity, he's not exactly a hard worker, unless particularly motivated. He'd rather use his off-time to relax.

Supporting Cast

Sandy McKerren

Resident coffee-addict and librarian. She and Skye became friends while working at the Stone City Public Library. Sandy is often keeping her gal-pal out of trouble, and is the first one Skye goes to for advice. Though she may appear timid and straight-laced, she'll happily bend the rules for those she cares about.

Agent Rico Hanson

Senior Sky Watch agent assigned to assist in the investigation and monitoring of "The Bridevale Case". Keeping tabs on Skye, and the crystal that has come into her possession, are only a small part of his job... but the rest is classified.

Jacob White Sr.

Jake's father, and owner of a small repair shop. He's been a friend of the Caster family for a long time, and as such, is no friend to Sky Watch knowing what they've done to the clan in the past. He's sponsoring Jake, Pyro, Eva, and Skye in the Morochey Brawling Tournaments.

Master Darius Typhoon

Leader of the notoriously secretive Zephyr Clan, and another old friend of the Caster family. As children, he and Eva were betrothed-- a political match arranged by their families. However, the marriage was not to be, as the Caster family's clan, Aurora Clan was dissolved, and Zephyr Clan went underground around the time Sky Watch rose to power. Master Typhoon takes great care to look after his clan's interests, and is a significant force in opposing Sky Watch.

Rin Talon

Princess of the wealthy Raven Clan, and Master Typhoon's rightfully jealous second choice for betrothal. Though this match, too, is political in nature, Rin holds feelings of attachment and ambition regarding it, and resents Eva as a threat to her situation. She's used to being high-class, and having influence over those whom she encounters. Her shrewd, intelligent mind, and her clan's plentiful resources are great assets to anyone she chooses to align herself with.

Anastasia Wraith

Anastasia Wraith was was one of the original subjects of the secret Sky Watch training experiment called The Forging. After having been mind-linked to her Master, and used to keep the other trainees in line, she somehow escaped his control and was taken in as a refugee by the Aurora Clan. When Aurora fell, Anastasia fled to Dune City, and entered the tournaments through the same loosely-regulated challenge system that allowed Eva Chamilla to eventually challenge her.

Agent Marl Hanson

The brother of Agent Rico Hanson, and one of the original trainees of The Forging, Marl's sensitive mind did not stand up well to the stresses of the experiment. The onset of his madness was a turning point for the project, and forced his Master to resort to extreme measures to keep him and his fellow trainees under control. Marl's last assignment was to lie in wait for Darius Typhoon at Mystic Canyon, and attack the Zephyr Clan leader when he emerged from his subterranean hideout.

Agent Rikana Bridevale

The elder sister of Skye Bridevale, Rikana, was once a Morochey Warrior, but was excused from service to care for her orphaned sister after their home city was reduced to ruin. Years later, after the war, Rikana was forced back into service; this time as a Sky Watch agent. She was retrained as an Agent, and assigned to work as a Jurisdiction Enforcement Officer-- a job that basically entails hunting down and eliminating anyone who is a threat to Sky Watch authority. Though she prefers accomplishing her missions by nonlethal means, some problems force her to seek undesirable solutions.

Master Sterling Smith

A perfectionist hailing from the Bladebrand Clan- a clan of master craftsmen -Sterling's art is not worked in bronze or steel, but in men. During the Wars he trained countless students, and eventually disappeared into obscurity to work on a secret project called The Forging. This experimental new training method became both his pride and his downfall, as in his desperation to see it through to success, he unleashed a beast, of sorts, which he still cannot contain.