Author's Note
Two Moons

       I like this page because, in a lot of ways, you get a first glimpse at exactly what kind of world we're dealing with. I've always been a fan of stories that don't just lead you to the end; they invite you to follow them. Leaving behind clues like the two moons, the mysterious figures, and the mention of the as-yet-unknown Sky Watch is like leaving a trail of bread crumbs along the path that the story will eventually take.

       The best part about webcomics is the opportunity for audience participation. I'm inspired comics like Selkie or Not A Villain with extremely active comment sections where readers speculate, and try to figure things out for themselves. The discussions and theories that unfold with those stories are often very thought-provoking. It's my hope that, even if nobody leaves a single comment, my own stories could spark a bit of that kind of imagination.

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