Author's Note
The Sad Ending

       In the early drafts, I had a sad ending planned for the series. I later decided to have the story begin after that ending. It ended up better suited to being a backstory than the main story.

       The idea was that when child Eva and Pyro completed their training, they discover that the entire world is actually at war. They they go on to fight alongside their parents in this war, eventually witnessing the fall of the enemy faction at the cost of losing their own clan. People decide that there's no place for these Morochey powers in a peaceful world, after seeing the awful things bad people can do with them. All but a few Morochey give up their crystals, the Crystal Arts die off, and the Morochey story essentially ends.

       At that point, I did have vague plans for a timeskip into the current era, and into the next era (There are only about 3 or 4 significant eras.), but those would have been shorter stories. I played around with writing a one-shot story for this era, and possibly making a pen-and-paper roleplaying game for the next. Instead, I ended up expanding the post-war era and making their childhoods their backstory.

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